A dangerous and entirely unscientific application of archaeological principles to inspect evidence of previous human habitations and demises, preferably involving an amateurish and histrionic analysis of human relics, case and site assessments based on children’s diagrams of parlor games, and palindromic investigations of imaginary crime scenes. Equipped with expert witnessing skills and third-grade chemistry sets, we are always ready to take the stand.

Class I / Serenity:

Suitable for Autumn Picnics, Circle Croquet and Strawberry Socials

Mall of the Apocalypse
Miniature Ruins
Relics from a Broken Fair
Art Deco Skyscraper
Royal Retreat
Alaska Junkyard
Modern Fossils

Class II / Storm Warning: 
Suitable for Japanese Crab Races, Living Alphabets and Hobble Hurdles.

Leap of Faith
Old School Science

Paper Mill
Along Monastery Road
An Ode to Perseverance
Metal to Brick
Heavy Packing


Class III / Dereliction Rumble: 
Suitable for Parlor Snowstorms and the Hangman.

Prison Farm
Hotel Psychedelia
Crumbling Steel
High Voltage
The Castle in the Hudson
School Carcass
New York Power

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